“REGIME: a game of strategy and skill” is a trading card game that plays on a 5×5 map.  The goal of the game is to complete a randomly selected objective.  Things like taking a position or scoring a hit on a high value target.

The aspect of spacing and orientation, combined with the diversity and customization of building your own deck, offers a unique take on tabletop play. Essentially, the spacing of the board allows players to set up a strategy before they meet opposition from their opponent.  To put it another way, you are trying to position yourself to have the advantage and the other player is doing the same.

What this does is it offers you a chance to get a sense of what your opponent is all about before your forces clash.  It feels good to play against your opponents strategy and not just their cards.

Once you actually start having exchanges with your foe, that positioning becomes very valuable.  Cards are much strong from the front than the side or the back.  The battle system stands on its own even before effects are added.  Once the unique traits of each card begin to take effect, then the game gets deep and enjoyable fast.

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