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Wrath of Varmestad

The new booster set “Wrath of Varmestad” is on it’s way to print and soon to be released.  See the full card list and get hyped for all new cards and new mechanics.  Card spoilers here.

WOV - 011 Bigwig the Brash


The Kickstarter is live!

That’s right! We got us a kickstarter to help out with getting this game in as many hands as possible.   Check it out and feel free to donate.  Don’t worry about choosing between cards from our online store and donating to the kickstarter.  Cards are set as rewards at essentially the same price as on the site.  Basically, its like taking pre orders for our next set!  Get the details right here.


Wrath of Varmestad update and new site features

The new set “Wrath of Varmestad” is due for release in late January of 2016. For now, enjoy this small preview.   This is easily one of the more complicated effects in the set, but offers some unique options like ranged summoning and teleportation without supports.WOV - 001 Valronic CustomThe rest of the set will feature new mechanics, new archetypes, and of course, new artwork.  Much more is in the works and my team can’t wait to share.


In other news, you can now check out all cards in their current forms online!  Click on the “Card Lists” button on the top right and you will be able to look at all the cards from any given deck or set.  The cards shown are in their current errata so if you have an older card or are worried about what it does, check it out.

You can also comment on the cards themselves, to ask me about effects personally.

Have fun!

Welcome to the new website!!

We have cards boards, and a great deal of ambition.  Right now this acts as a hub for players to get news and order cards online.  There is more on the way.  Soon we intend to include a lore, and card spoiler section as well as more advanced strategy section.

Follow us for all things REGIME.

– Corbin